Kenney Jones – The Jones Gang

Kenney Jones – The Jones Gang

Kenney Jones lo resDrawing from all their past associations Kenney Jones and Rick Wills (Small Faces; The Faces; The Who; Bad Company; Foreigner; and many others) the core members of The Jones Gang don’t need to be reminded about the history of rock. After all, they helped shape it.

Unlike the formation or other groups The Jones Gang came together as a fluke when Jones assembled the original band to play for a charity show held at his own Hurtwood Park Polo Club. “You couldn’t throw a band like that together and form a so called ‘super group’, which we were not, even though everyone was well known” say’s Jones. “Through my polo club endeavors now and again, people were asking me if I could put a band together for obvious reasons” says Jones. I always declined it and then a couple of times I did it. For one event we didn’t have a singer, and we were introduced to Jim Stapley – a young talented singer with a great set of pipes. Through Jim we were introduced to Johnson Jay an Australian guitar virtuoso, singer and songwriter currently based in London, UK. Joining up again with Mark Read from A1 the new line up has a whole new look and direction.

There is no doubt the excitement around the band is a result of its amazing historical past, especially that of Jones. It was in 1965 that Jones, together with Steve Marriott, Ian McLagan and bassist Ronnie Lane, formed The Small Faces. They exploded onto the international pop music scene and when Marriot departed from The Small Faces to form Humble Pie with Peter Frampton, it was Jones who was instrumental in recruiting Ron Wood and Rod Stewart from The Jeff Beck Group. Together, with the remaining Small Faces, they formed The Faces, and well, the rest is rock history. The Faces topped the charts around the world, and despite Stewarts own solo success in the early 1970’s, remained intact until 1975, when Wood left to become a Rolling Stone. Jones then went on to play with The Who after Keith Moons death.


Kenny Jones, As the drummer with The Small Faces, Faces and The Who, Kenney Jones has been at the heart of three biggest bands ever to have come out of the UK. From the moment Kenney began drumming in the front room of his parent’s home in Stepney, East London, he knew music would play a central role in his life. At the tender age of just 15, being part of a band had become a way of life. In 1965 when Jones was 16 he had his first hit record when he shot to fame with The Small Faces, who were at the heart of the Mod revolution which swept Britain at the time, and a band who have been cited as a major influence on musicians during the 50 years which have followed. When The Small Faces split Kenney was instrumental in formingThe Faces and inviting Rod Stewart to feature as lead singer in a line‐up which also included Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan, and Ronnie Lane. The Faces took the rock world by storm in the early 1970’s on both sides of the Atlantic and became one of the most raucous, fun‐loving bands of the time, with a fanatical following. The Faces split in the mid‐70’s and Kenney along with Steve Marriott, Ian McLagan and new man, Rick Wills, re‐form The Small Faces, touring for a couple of years and making two albums before deciding to call it a day. By this time Kenney was recognised as one of the top drummers in the rock industry, and it was no surprise that he was The Who’s choice to replace Keith Moon after his tragic death in 1978. Once again Kenney found himself part of a hugely successful band asThe Who toured the world and recorded new albums, ‘Face Dances’ and ‘It’s Hard.’After leaving The Who, Kenney hooked up with former Bad Company singer, Paul Rodgers to form The Law in the early 1990’s, releasing a critically acclaimed album ‘The Law,’ which reinforced Kenney’s reputation as a gifted and talented musician. Although The Small Faces, Faces, The Who and The Law have been the four main bands in his life, Kenney has also been much sought‐after during his career and has performed with some of the biggest names around. He has recorded a single of his own called ‘Ready or Not,’ and has appeared on many albums including those by The Rolling Stones, Andy Fairweather Low, Joan Armatrading, Marsha Hunt, Mike Batt, Pete Townshend, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, David Essex, John Lodge and Wings.


Mark Daniel Read is a singer/songwriter/ musician from Kingston, Surrey, was born into a musical family, his mum Pam is a drummer, his grandmother one of the original 60s Tiller Girls, and his dad Keith was a member of Rock n Roll band the Wild Angels. In his 20 years in the business Mark has performed and collaborated with an extremely diverse range of artists and musicians including Michael Bolton, Robin Gibb, Jarvis Cocker, Joe & Sam Brown, Albert Lee just to name a few. As a songwriter he’s written and had many number one hits around the world including 2 UK no.1s and a Brit Award as part of the International Pop band A1. Mark’s enjoyed performing with Kenney Jones and friends on many occasions and is looking forward to joining them on stage again for this fantastic event.