Tinder: The Comedy

Tinder:  The Comedy

Meet Shaz, Maz and Kaz – or Sharon, Marion and Karen Anne.

Best pals since they met on the first day of school, and thirty years later they’re still thick as thieves, having the time of their fecking lives every time they get together. Well, sort of.

Kaz is finally getting married to Tony, which means Shaz and Maz need dates for the wedding – proper dates, not hook-ups. Shaz is a total Tinderella, but Maz hasn’t had a man since her ex left her ten years ago for the local anorexic trolly dolly with the bubble perm. But that’s about to change…

Shaz and Kaz are determined to give Maz a killer make-over and get her online. But between the karaoke and Tropical Reef of Kaz’s hen party – and the usual sex stories, family dramas, and revelations from their school days – Shaz and Maz spot Kaz’s husband-to-be on Tinder…

Crammed with songs like ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Shout Out to My Ex’, ‘All the Single Ladies’ and ‘Angels’ – all sung live by the cast – Tinder promises to be the Girls Night Out of the year!