‘The Commitments’ voted best Irish film of all time!

Irish film fans have voted ‘The Commitments,’ 1991’s smash-hit about an ill-fated Dublin soul band, the best Irish movie of all time. Director Alan Parker’s adaptation of Roddy Doyle’s best-selling novel came first in a national poll, winning out over older classics such as ‘Ryan’s Daughter,’ which failed to make the top 10.

The Daily Mirror reports that more than 10,000 people across Ireland voted online for their favourite movie and the satirical Dublin comedy easily topped the poll. Whiskey distillers Jameson and The Dubliner Magazine, who organised the internet vote, were overwhelmed at the number of people who responded.

Big Brother’s Ray Shah, who voted for the film, said: “I loved the black humour of The Commitments. There were some fantastic and memorable one-liners.The themes were central to Dublin at that time and the music was brilliant. People all over the world seemed to catch on to the humour and appreciate the Irish wit.”

Model Glenda Gilson, singer Brian Ormond and Fair City stars George McMahon and Killian O’Sullivan all voted for ‘The Commitments’. Pop Idol star Ormond added: “I chose The Commitments because I think it is definitely the best Irish movie of all time. It is incredibly well-written and is typically Irish. People can relate to the characters, which makes it really interesting and fun to watch.”

The soul music movie has been seen by an estimated billion people worldwide and the soundtrack album has sold around 12 million copies.


1. The Commitments
2. My Left Foot
3. In The Name Of The Father
4. The Quiet Man
5. The Snapper
6. Michael Collins
7. The Field
8. Intermission
9. Veronica Guerin
10. Inside I’m Dancing